8 December 2016

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Quote Compendium



Quote Compendium: A Court of Thorns and Roses

The following are a compilation of some of the noteworthy lines and quotes from Sarah J. Maas' novel A Court of Thorns and Roses. I loved this novel and all my thoughts can be read here.
I have the Bloomsbury paperback edition with 416 pages. Let's go and beware of spoilers, you must read this great novel before you go on.

"The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice."
- chapter 1, pg 1

"Once I'd dreamed and breathed and thought in colour and light and shape."
- Feyre, chapter 1, pg 3

"The world was awash in hues of dark blue, interrupted only by shafts of buttery light escaping from the shuttered windows of our dilapidated cottage. It was like striding through a living painting - a fleeting moment of stillness, the blues swiftly shifting to solid darkness."
- chapter 2, pg 9

"We need hope, or else we cannot endure."
- chapter 2, pg 19

"I'd prefer not to wear that dress."
"And why not?" Lucien crooned.
It was Tamlin who answered for me. "Because killing us is easier in pants."
- Feyre, Lucien, Tamlin, chapter 7, pg 59

Tamlin straightened a bit and said, "You look...better than before."
Was that a compliment? I could have sworn Lucien gave Tamlin an encouraging nod.
"And you hair is...clean."
- Tamlin, chapter 7, pg 60

"Has anyone ever taken care of you?" He asked quietly.
"No." I'd long since stopped feeling sorry for myself about it.
- Feyre, Tamlin, chapter 12, pg 110

"Because I wouldn't want to die alone," I said, and my voice wobbled as I looked at Tamlin again, forcing myself to meet his stare. "Because I'd want someone to hold my hand until the end, and awhile after that. That's something everyone deserves, human or faerie."
- Tamlin, Feyre, chapter 17, pg 153

"Don't feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy."
- Tamlin, chapter 19, pg 172

"Your human joy fascinates me-the way you experience things, in your life span, so wildly and deeply and all at once, is... entrancing. I'm drawn to it, even when I know I shouldn't be, even when I try not to be."
- Tamlin, chapter 19, pg 172

"Magic-everything was magic, and it broke my heart."
- Feyre, chapter 23, pg 210

 "If I offer you the moon on a string, will you give me a kiss, too?"
- Tamlin, chapter 24, pg 215

"Do you lie awake at night to come up with all you witty replies for the following day?"
- Feyre, chapter 25, pg 222

"I was a loosened, a top whirling around and around, and I didn't know who I danced with or what they looked like, only that I had become the music and the fire and the night, and there was nothing that could slow me down."
- Feyre, chapter 25, pg 226

"I was as unburdened as a piece of dandelion fluff, and he was the wind that stirred me about the world."
- Feyre, chapter 25, pg 228

"I love you," he whispered, and kissed my brow. "Thorns and all."
- Tamlin, chapter 27, pg 248

"I came to claim the one I love."
- Feyre, chapter 34, pg 297

"There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet, 
And those who kiss but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.

At times I seem to favour the clever and the fair, 
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.

By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.

For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When  kill I do it slow..."
- Amarantha, chapter 35, pg 313

"He's playing a dangerous game, though," Lucien said, slipping out the door. "We all are."
- Lucien, chapter 39, page 353

"It took me a long time to realise that Rhysand, whether he knew it or not, had effectively kept me from shattering completely."
- Feyre, chapter 49, pg 369

"You can leave if you're going to insult me."
"But I'm so good at it."
- Feyre, Rhysand, chapter 42, pg 382

"When you healed my arm... You didn't have to bargain with me. You could have demanded every single week of the year." My brows knit together as he turned, already half-consumed by the dark. "Every single week, and I would have said yes." It wasn't entirely a question, but I needed an answer.
A half smile appeared on his sensuous lips. "I know," he said, and vanished."
- Feyre, Rhysand, chapter 43, pg  385

"As i lifted the ash dagger, something inside of me fractured so completely that there would be no hope of ever repairing it."
- Feyre, chapter 43, pg 392

"I love you," I said, and stabbed him.
- Feyre, chapter 43, pg 397

"But I gave myself again to that fire, threw myself into it, into him, and let myself burn."
- Feyre, chapter 46, pg 312

"Why?" I asked.
He knew what I meant, and shrugged. "Because when the legends get written,  I didn't want to be remembered for standing on the sidelines. I want my future offspring to know that I was there, and that I fought against her at the end, even if I couldn't do anything useful."
I blinked, this time not at the brightness of the sun.
"Because," he went on, his eyes locked with mine, "I didn't want you to fight alone. Or die alone."
- Feyre, Rhysand, chapter 46, pg 413

"Everything I love has always had a tendency to be taken from me."
- Rhysand, chapter 46, pg 414

"Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don't feel anything at all."
- Rhysand, chapter 46, pg 414

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