3 December 2015

Book Review: Divided


Divided Review

Rating: ★★★ (3.5)

Title: Divided
Author: Sharon M. Johnston
Genre: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Publication: Nov 4, 2015
Format: Arc E-Galley, 195 pages
Source: Thankyou to City Owl Press for sending me a copy of Divded through Netgalley.

"Sometimes life is stranger than fiction."

- page 132

After just recently getting a heart transplant, Mishca is expecting to feel energised, healthier and like she is finally going to have the normal life she wanted. Unfortunately, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. She develops supernatural abilities and a plague of nightmares that begin to haunt her sleep. Mishca also develops new romances and is torn between two guys, Ryder and Colin who both have equal pieces of her heart. But as the truth behind her adoption and her instant attraction to Colin, her university professor, surfaces, everything isn't as it seems and romance will be the absolute last of her problems.

Divided is the first novel in the Open Heart fantasy/sci-fi series by Sharon M. Johnston and is set in Australia (which is exciting because I live in Australia too). I gave this book three and a half stars because despite enjoying it, I found a couple of faults and areas that I personally disliked. The general writing style was in first person and it was very easy to follow, although it kind of felt rushed to me. I hated Mishca's constant inner monologue too because it just seemed to be after every few sentences and was very annoying. They didn't really match her bad-ass personality. 

You're instantly thrown into action when you begin the novel as Mishca receives her heart transplant and this drew me in immediately. Divided has the perfect amount of plot twists that kept me engaged and hooked whilst reading. At one point, I finished the chapter and intended to put the book down for the night, but a cliffhanger sucked me in and I ended up reading for another hour. The romance was almost, almost, perfect. Mishca and Ryder's relationship was not insta-love at all and developed at a very realistic pace. I loved all their little moments. But then the whole 'forbidden love' and 'love triangle' element was thrown in and I felt like throwing the book at my wall. Introducing Colin as another love interest was just unnecessary.

I'm still trying to decide if I liked Mishca as a main character or not. At first, I found her whiny and inconsistent as her personality and moods changed from sweet to kicking-in-a-wall mad. Then I realised that she was realistically portrayed considering she's adopted, doesn't have many close friends and is experiencing unworldly things. I liked most of the characters and their roles in the novel really worked and I didn't really expect a thing - I won't say much more in fear I'll give away any spoilers though.

Divided is a new and sci-fi fresh novel that I predict will be very popular in future and well-liked by many. I recommend it to anyone looking for an intense read for this upcoming summer (if you're in Aus).

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