9 November 2015

Book Review: 52 Likes


52 Likes Book Review

Rating: ✭✭✭

Title: 52 Likes
Author: Medeia Sharif
Genre: YA, Mystery Thriller, Contemporary
Publication: Jan 16 2015
Format: Arc E-Galley, 172 pages
Source: Thanks to Evernight Teen for sending me a copy of 52 Likes through Netgalley.

"I am alive. I had survived that night."
- page 177

Valerie only wanted to go to the party, she didn't want to be a victim of rape. Now she is plagued with the feelings of victimhood as well as the bullying from the kids at school after a few racy photos leaked. To make things worse, Valerie is beginning to see ghost-like figures in the shadows that she believes are the ghosts of the girls who are victims of her masked rapist. Not only that, but girls have started to send her creepy messages, all with 52 likes, asking her to help them.

Personally, I had a problem with Medeia Sharif's writing style. It felt clumsy, rushed and wasn't able to convey emotion and mood properly. With the kind of plot that 52 Likes had, a longer story was needed to portray the mystery and build up more tension. The lack of depth in the writing made me feel disconnected and I didn't care about what was going to happen in the story. On a more positive note, Medeia incorporated many messages in the writing such as staying strong, the power of determination and the ability to not give up through the difficult topic of rape; which I am extremely glad she addressed and addressed well.

The premise for 52 Likes sounded so promising, but once I read it I was disappointed. At first, I was immediately drawn into the plot with the opening scene, but from there I felt the book went downhill. The idea had so much potential and I applaud Medeia for this unique idea but I think that a little improvement could have been made in the conveying of it. It just seemed to lack the suspense it needed to give it that little boost and complement the 'mystery' element of the novel. I enjoyed the sense of drama that the supernatural element added. It was refreshing to read a good creepy book that made my spine tingle. The realness of the situation was also a very good aspect of the book. It didn't sugar coat the horribleness of rape and the effect it's repercussions have on its victims.

Valerie, the main character, had a vey strong personality and a vigorous determination to live her life not feeling like a victim. Apart from this, she was a bit flat. I wanted to relate to her, I really did, but I just couldn't. Whenever she felt upset or afraid, I didn't feel any empathy and it ruined the experience of reading this. I also disliked how Valerie insulted others constantly and picked on them because of the way it did; it was very annoying and I developed a love/hate relationship with her. 

All in all, 52 Likes was an okay book. It discussed harsh topics that people need to understand and a very unique idea that I enjoyed reading about. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick thriller.

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