19 November 2015

The Bane of My Existence



I thought I would share a few (considering how many of them there are) of my bookish pet peeves that extremely annoy me for a bit of entertainment. I was thinking, imagine if publishers actually saw some these 'Bookish Pet Peeves'. Us book lovers would have a ball! Anyways, let's get to it.

1. Apples, Oranges, Garden Tools

Okay, okay, so apples and oranges are fruits right, but what has garden tools have to do with fruit? That's right, nothing. Absolutely nothing. My point is, and I cannot stress this enough, is that nothing annoys me more than mismatching book covers. I cannot stand having different book covers for a series. The best example of mismatching book covers would have to be the Across the Universe series (which I have not read).
2. Slumps

Definition: A readers worst nightmare. Not being able to read a book because you just CAN'T. And to top it off you don't even exactly know why.
Causes: Reading too much, NO TIME, too many tv shows, no interesting books, book hangover
Symptoms: Reading the first page then putting the book down, staring longingly at your bookshelf, yelling 'WHY?!', getting easily distracted, taking months to get through just one book.

3. Spines and Ears

I'm a massive fanatic about having my books in pristine condition and when I open a book in the middle a little to forcefully, and the spine cracks, everything inside of me feels like it's about burn up and explode. Not only broken spines, but dog ears too. One of the main reasons I don't let others borrow my books is dog ears and just creased pages in general.
4. Un-heroic Heroes

Another pet peeve of mine is heroes that are just not heroic; when the character does something so incredibly stupid that clearly does not help anyone. Also, how and why are they just automatically the 'chosen one', what did they do to earn this hero title.

5. Instalove

Nothing annoys me more that things that just don't make sense, especially instalove. How? Why? You only just met them? It really annoys me when characters supposedly fall in love the first moment they see each other or because 'his eyes were the most the beautiful shade of blue' or because the story simply needs somewhere to start.

6. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding...

The one line that does it every time. I don't know if it's just me but every time I read this in a novel I scoff, roll my eyes and sigh. I just don't get it how could you possible not know you were holding a breath? Not only that, it is becoming an overly used cliche in YA novels.

7. Tacking

I would explain tacking as when authors just add in something for the sake of the novel. It just ruins the whole book which could have been doing so well until 'it was all just a lie, Susan, you're father is actually in America. He isn't dead.' What was the purpose for it, I don't know.


Don't get me wrong, I love romance, but I find it really irritating when the romance is too gooey and 'melted marshmallows topped with chocolate topped with sprinkles'. When the romance is too corny and unrealistic I just find myself dreading reading it. Unneeded love triangles also. The concept is over used and more than often, just a way to get the plot moving.
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